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Our Commitment to Excellence

Since 1977, AL-FLEX has set the standard for high-quality customized pest control services, termite control, pre-construction soil treatments and quarantine commodities fumigation services. Our code of ethics, commitment to excellence and dedication to superior customer care makes us your ideal partners.

We handle more than 15,000 fumigations each year – more than any other company in Florida. Our business is family-owned, and all our customers have direct access to the owners.

Why Trust Al-Flex?

You already trust us, and you probably don’t know it. Most people aren’t aware that SINCE 1995 AL-FLEX has been responsible for fumigating the majority of the refrigerated cargo containers that bring perishable foods and other commodities to South Florida through Miami International Airport and the Port of Miami. In fact, we have a patent on our unique fumigation system, which is designed to protect our environment as well as perishable food products. We are licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Wood Pallet and Container Association Program, and we work closely with the USDA to provide this critical service. If the government trusts us, then so should you.

Did You Know?

  • AL-FLEX is the Largest Fumigator in the State of Florida.
  • AL-FLEX has been family-operated and working together for 3 generations.
  • AL-FLEX is 1 of the 6 companies in the state of Florida that is certified by the Douglas Products' Commitment to Excellence℠ Program
  • There are only 2 companies in the state of Florida qualified to offer the latest Subterranean Termite Treatment, & AL-FLEX is one of them.
  • We Offer a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE on all Dry Wood Termite tenting jobs for single family homes.
  • All our technicians go through rigorous training and education programs.
  • Every AL-FLEX employee must pass a thorough background check.

Trust the Company that Continues to provide South Florida with the MOST EFFECTIVE TREATMENTS in the state, AL-FLEX, "Your Home Depends on it."



AL-FLEX EXTERMINATORS has been prodly servicing the South Florida community since February, 1977

AL-FLEX EXTERMINATORS has been a member since its inaugural year.

AL-FLEX EXTERMINATORS offers an honest guarantee with total customer satisfaction.

AL-FLEX EXTERMINATORS has ten times more than what the state requires.

AL-FLEX EXTERMINATORS has never sub-contracted since 1977

AL-FLEX EXTERMINATORS is the largest fumigator in the state of Florida.

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